Saturday, 10 February 2007

So I'm back in Sydney.

My mother drove me out to the airport. Dad came down to the garage to say farewell and we clasped hands (I'm still cross at him for an argument we almost had just before I went up). At the airport, I made mum drive through like a taxi and just drop me off. It's because I want to have a couple of smokes before getting on the plane.

The arrows show how everything must end, even pleasant things like a holiday on the Sunshine Coast. Arriving at Sydney airport, I bought a sandwich to eat while waiting for the bags to emerge on the carousel.

After I got off the train at Campsie, having become acclimatised to the endless suburbs (after enjoying the country atmosphere of Maroochydore), I was forced to drag the suitcase along on one wheel. The other one locked up almost immediately because of the weight of the luggage (23 kilos). All those books I bought!

Arriving back home, I was happy to see that I HAD emptied the garbage bin before leaving home. Had I not, the place would probably be filled with those little mites that seem to congregate around my kitchen sink.


Meredith said...

Welcome back! [cross about the argument you *almost* had?]

Dean said...

My dad's quite bossy if he disagrees with you about something. It's best to vet your thoughts before you open up. I made the mistake of mentioning something contentious. I guess it was my fault.