Thursday, 15 February 2007

George Gittoes says he's "like a parent watching their child being taken out by a rip, [he's] gotta jump in the water and try and save them, [he's] gotta be there". More than simply a journalist, Gittoes is well-known as a filmmaker (Soundtrack to War (2003), Rampage (2006) which I covered). He's also a graphic artist. An exhibition at Australian Galleries, 24 Glenmore Road, Paddington, will run until 4 March. I think I'll go along and have a look this weekend.

At 2pm on Saturday, Gittoes himself will be at the gallery giving a guided tour.

This article by Emily Dunn introduces Sydneysiders to Gittoes' drawings. "Wherever I go, if I've got a piece of paper and a notebook, I can create art," he says. Go to the story and click on the link to watch the slideshow.

"I feel the times are so disturbing that I just can't peacefully sit in my studio and do decorative works to end up as flat wall furniture for people's houses."

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Sam said...

I would not decribe Gittoes as a graphic artist. He is one of Australia's leading visual artists... and the closest we come to the daring nature of George Grosz.