Saturday, 3 February 2007

Shopping, for me, usually means going shopping for books. Books are my passion. But there comes a time when shopping for other items is necessary. Today, I went shopping for things other than books.

I walked along the promenade that skirts the estuary. The cotton trees are blooming at present. They are curious trees. Not grand, not showy. But their yellow flowers catch your attention. You want to pick them and take them home. In the above picture, you can see a number of yellow cotton tree flowers — about the size of a fist — among the foliage.

Sunshine Plaza was busy. The sale signs at the bag shop attracted me, so I went in and bought a new satchel. Following my initial impetus, I headed toward the Myer department store, which is located at the end of the shopping centre. In the perfume department a young woman approached me and asked what I needed. I pointed out that I was searching for a deodorant stick. Since we were standing in front of the stand that carried them, a simple wave of the hand was enough to indicate my interest. I bought one.

Then I headed east, toward the shoe department. There, a middle-age woman who seemed perfectly cast for the role she would be required to fulfill, approached me. I told her that I needed shoes for work. Several selections were on sale, and I chose a pair of black Hush Puppies.

On the way home, I stopped at the Big Top and bought half a dozen beers. Then I headed toward the north exit. There, I espied a sign saying 'Book Exchange'. A new bookshop! Naturally, I went in. Two books caught my attention: The Secret River and one by Don DeLillo.

Back at the apartment I unscrewed a beer. A limousine pulled up after a spell. Two young and slim women wearing purple gowns alighted. They were followed by a number of men wearing black suits. One was clearly the driver. The party, which was eventually joined by the bride, ambled along the pier where, no doubt, photographs were snapped.

After a while they drove off.

The sunset is quite beautiful, with silvery streaks binding the bottom of the clouds. The paperbark trees in the park are emerald in the waning glare.

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Jingoistic said...

The only thing that's fun about shopping is when I'm shopping for books. I do the rest on the Internet!