Saturday, 9 December 2006

The 2MBS FM book and record bazaar is always a good gig to get into. At about ten past eight this morning I logged onto and charted a course to Chatswood. Having glanced through the route, I went down to the car and opened up the UBD street directory to find the pages I'd need. Then it was off in the Echo for some serious book buying. The journey out took about 40 minutes.

Yesterday I popped into the bookstore and picked up five books. This morning I was intent on collecting many times that number. And I wasn't disappointed.

I arrived in Chatswood at just before 9.00am and stepped into the main hall at the Willoughby Civic Centre ready to rumble. I headed straight to the back wall where the fiction titles are normally stacked, and set to browsing. (To see more detail, click on the images.)

Part of the splurge
I found 25 titles, and paid $82 with my debit card.

More of the splurge
Then I drifted outside and saw another bunch of tables laden with precious cargo. I put my head down once again and found another 5 titles for $15. Then I was off like a rocket to where my car was parked. I had paid for just enough time to cover my splurge.

Two days' worth of buys
Arriving home, I lay down on the couch and read The Sydney Morning Herald. Then, deciding it was time to catalogue, I picked up my full rucksack and headed toward the computer, where I entered my new acquisitions into LibraryThing.

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