Sunday, 6 August 2006

Patrick White Reader's Group gets a mention in The Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday. Susan Wyndham is obviously keen to exploit the Internet in her weekly column. She put a call out recently for votes on the best Australian fiction of the last ten years. And now she's put in the link to this blog, set up by Ron from BiblioBillaBong.

The headline of the piece is 'Patrick White Hoax Inspires Debate': "I thought the recent hoax by The Australian ... was silly and smug. But it has inspired some interesting discussion online. The contributors to ... have decided to read The Vivisector as a way to re-examine White's work."

Actually, the decision to read The Vivisector was finally taken by an online poll at the Patrick White Reader's Group. But the idea started at Sarsaparilla, that's true enough.

It seems from the comments on the Patrick White Reader's Group that some people have read the piece in The Herald and logged on. The reading challenge starts in September.

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