Friday, 25 August 2006

A review by Jenna Krajeski (an editor on the staff of The New Yorker) of Haruki Murakami's Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman has been posted on the Web site of The San Francisco Chronicle,

It's one of the best reviews of this latest work by the Japanese master that I've read. I think. There have been a lot of them in the past month or so. As there should be: it's a publishing event in a major key.

Inconclusive, bewildering and totally engaging, the whodunit survives in Murakami's work as a tired framework to be purged of its contents and refilled with ironic, metaphysical, quixotic mysteries: hard-boiled narratives for the postmodern set.


True, penetrating anxiety ... rumbles beneath many of the stories like a dormant volcano; just because Murakami never names names doesn't mean the murderer isn't ready to pounce.

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