Sunday 29 October 2023

Waterloo Station Open Day

Popped into visit Waterloo Station for Open Day, it was great to see the new much needed infrastructure, God we need more of it. Let’s build more train lines, ok, can wee all agree we need more trains?

After seeing the inside of the station my friend John Smaha gave me and his Arabic friend some lunch and we discussed Palestine, we disagreed politely, but can’t we all agree we need more public transport? I’m sick of driving my bloody car up Botany Road to get anywhere, let’s put the Metro down to Kyeemagh, the philosophical centre of Sydney, if they did that we could have a new train station just down the street from my place. I swear I wouldn’t complain about tunnelling, you can almost bet on it (I might if they disturb my beauty sleep).

No time or inclination to sleep inside Waterloo Station (unless you’re homeless) it’s sort of like descending into Mordor the escalators are so long and steep, it reminds me of Kings Cross or Martin Place, they go on forever. See pics below.


Anonymous said...

Matthew, I'm intrigued. Why do you say Kyeemah is the philosophical centre of Sydney?

Matthew da Silva said...

Kyeemagh seems to me a lost suburb in the middle of nowhere. Like Sydney. Perth is the philosophical centre of Australia.