Thursday, 16 June 2022

Take two: Look Again, David Bailey

I got this the other day when I was in town, popping into Abbeys Bookshop to browse.

In the background for this photo of the cover of David Bailey’s autobiography I included photos my mother’s uncle took when he was alive. Noel entered some photos in competitions but I think he’s worth a lot more than the small acclaim those prizes garnered him. His sister also took photos, and I have her slides in my archives. 

David Bailey is referred to in this book as “Bailey” and I noted my brother sent a photo of his dogs using DropBox, probably to get me acquainted with the service (I had to log on using Google, which took some time). I don’t know if Bailey, his Labrador, is named after the photographer but it might be so as I’ve been writing about my own practice on the blog, something that probably sparked my brother’s action.

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