Saturday, 25 September 2021

Movie review: Hal and Minter, dir Ram Devineni (2021)

A relaxed sort of “New York state of mind” pervades this short film, which is available on YouTube and which includes a series of segments showing Hal Sirowitz, a poet who has Parkinson’s Disease, and his wife Minter Krotzer, who cares for him. Sometimes the pair read from their work and sometimes friends of theirs are included in scenes of dialogue. 

I loved how this movie talks about the importance of making art and how it can give meaning to lives that might otherwise lack coherence. Sirowitz and Krotzer see and understand the world though the things that they make, which allows them to meet challenges with a subtle grace and with a fortitude that is inspirational. 

Making art does help you to avoid such negative emotions as regret, envy, and spite, it lifts you up because, by holding a mirror up to your life, one that you control, you are able to see what it is that’s really important. This knowledge anchors you and helps you to weather the inevitable reverses that many are prey to giving in to lacking something to sustain them in their trials.

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