Monday, 23 November 2020

New townhouses on Harris Street, Pyrmont

On 29 October I snapped the following photo while I was out doing errands. 

It shows a building just being completed on Harris Street – just a little bit up the hill from my old place (settlement was the day prior) – as a developer has been constructing townhouses. Of course with my budget I wouldn’t be able to afford one of them – the place in Botany didn’t break the bank – but if I’d been able to both stay in Pyrmont and secure more space for myself, I would’ve done so. 

In this photo workmen are removing scaffolding; the building has been under construction since the spring of 2017 (see my related posts here and here). The unit visible from the street in this photo is just one of 14 being made available for purchase. 

The townhouses being built on Harris Street are designed to complement existing structures, many of which date from the 19th century when Pyrmont was an industrial hub and home to a power station and a sugar refinery. Nowadays, apart from construction workers such as the people shown in the image below, most workers in this part of town are employed in offices.

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