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Grocery shopping list for February 2020

This post is the fourteenth in a series. 

1 February

Went to the bottle shop and bought two six-packs of Carlton Zero.

2 February

Went to Woolworths and bought bean salad, quinoa tabouleh salad, and a container of couscous, cauliflower and cranberry salad. Also bought a sultana butter cake and flavoured mineral water (no-sugar).

4 February

After leaving the pharmacy I went to Coles and bought pork loin chops, blue grenadier fillets, smoked cod, sliced ham, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, a container of quinoa and tabouleh salad (topped up with couscous and pumpkin salad because there wasn’t enough of the other to fill the container, the size of which I had specified, though I didn’t ask the sales clerk to put it in), coleslaw, canola oil, chocolate, chocolate biscuits, Tim Tams, Jatz crackers, and flavoured mineral water (no-sugar).

6 February

On the way home from the post office I walked to Woolworths and bought pork sausages, shortcut bacon, sliced turkey breast, guacamole, eggs, milk, bread, a cos lettuce, and flavoured mineral water (no-sugar).

7 February

I started reading an email from Feather and Bone Butchery that talked about aged hogget and so I went to their website and ordered sirloin steak, lamb and lemon thyme sausages, and andouille sausages. I emailed the company asking also for six hogget loin chops and someone called me about the note I had left on their website, in which I had mentioned my email. 

The guy I spoke with said he couldn’t see my email in his inbox and asked me to resend it, which I did. He said that the new email went into the spam folder, and then asked me for my credit card details so he could bill me for the hogget (which is lamb from an older animal). I gave them to him and mentioned the delivery instructions I had included in the email and in my note at checkout, via the website. He said he had noted what I had written. Delivery was booked for the 11th.

8 February

Drove to Woolies and bought snapper fillets, a Nile perch fillet, couscous with cauliflower and cranberry salad, lentil salad, chicken and corn soup, minestrone, dental floss, mouthwash, Tim Tams (two flavours: “chewy caramel”, and dark chocolate with raspberry), sandwich bags, flavoured mineral water (no-sugar), and flavoured Schweppes drink (no-sugar).

10 February

On the way home from the tailor’s I stopped at Woolworths and bought shortcut bacon, sliced corned beef, bread, a pawpaw, and flavoured mineral water (no-sugar).

11 February

Late in the morning Neville from Feather and Bone Butchery called me on the phone and told me he was downstairs, so I got in the lift and went down to the street. He was standing near one of the garage entrances and I waved him over then said he should come upstairs. We went into the building through the second-floor garage entrance and then got into the lift. 

In my apartment he opened the Styrofoam box he had brought with him containing the meat I had ordered and I put the contents out on the bench. On the way out the door I mentioned to Neville that they had had no beef sausages in stock – there had been a mark against the product photo on the website – and he said they were making more. I also said that their sausages cook well, unlike many sausages which won’t fry properly in the pan, and which require water to cook through. He said they don’t put any “rubbish” in their sausages and though I didn’t know what he was referring I didn’t ask more questions. 

I took him down to the garage. I had pointed out to him, on the way in, the street door release button and so I stayed in the lift while he walked off back to his truck.

Upstairs, I got out some sandwich bags and separated the sausages and chops into meal-sized portions, then put everything away in the freezer, apart from three of the andouille snags I intended to have the following day for breakfast. 

Mid-afternoon I got in the car and drive to a suburb about 13 kilometres away and parked in the street, then went to Woolworths and bought flavoured mineral water (no-sugar).

12 February

Went across the road in the evening, heading to the convenience store, where I bought Doritos, McVitie’s digestive biscuits, caramel Tim Tams, and some dark chocolate.

14 February

On the way home from the tailor’s I stopped at Woolworths and bought shortcut bacon, coleslaw, a container of couscous with cauliflower and cranberry, some bean salad, avocado spread, eggs, milk, banana bread, Tim Tams, chocolate biscuits, kitchen paper towels, and dishwashing liquid.

15 February

I walked to Kmart and while in the shopping centre I went to Harris Farm Markets and bought spicy sorpressa, mortadella, pork and fennel sausages, cauliflower and tomato curry soup, sardines, smoked mussels, Heysen blue cheese, “Black Jack” Cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, quinoa and coconut salad, bread, and hot English mustard.

16 February

Went to the bottle-o and bought two six-packs of Carlton Zero.

17 February

Drove to Campsie and went to Woolworths and bought flavoured mineral water (no-sugar).

18 February

Went to Woolies and bought sliced corned beef, sundried tomatoes, coleslaw, bean salad, Tim Tams, bhuja mix, and Calbee “Harvest Snaps”.

20 February

Drove to Lakemba and bought chicken and garlic sausages, eggs, lime and chilli pickle, lime pickle, “lemon salad” (which turned out to be a type of relish), mango pickle, and pickled eggplant.

21 February

Went to the tailor’s, then the pharmacy, and on the way home I stopped at Coles and bought shortcut bacon, artichoke hearts, quinoa and tabouleh salad, taramosalata, olive oil spread, Schweppes no-sugar flavoured drink, and flavoured mineral water (no-sugar).

25 February

On the way home from the tailor’s and the pharmacy I went to Coles and bought bacon, snapper fillets, milk, bread, coleslaw, quinoa and tabouleh salad, flavoured mineral water (no-sugar), and Schweppes flavoured drink (no-sugar). In the afternoon I went to the convenience store and bought Tim Tams, chocolate, and a piece of banana cake.

26 February

Drove to Broadway Shopping Centre to go to the camera store and on the way home I went in the car to Woolworths in Pyrmont and bought some flavoured mineral water (no-sugar). It was my first time to use their parking floor, and I used the service desk to check-out as you need to get your parking ticket authorised there before exiting to the street.

27 February

Went to the bottle shop and bought a six-pack of Carlton Zero and five individual bottles of the same. Then popped into the convenience store and bought banana cake and Tim Tams. A little later I went to the Feather and Bone Butchery website and put in an order for sirloin steak, lamb loin chops, beef sausages, lamb merguez sausages, and andouille sausages. Delivery due Tuesday 3 March.

28 February

On the way home from the tailor’s I walked to Woolworths and bought pork chops, pork sausages, salmon fillets, bread, coleslaw, sundried tomatoes, lentil salad, bread, lettuce, avocado spread, sultana butter cake, Tim Tams, and chocolate.

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