Sunday, 1 September 2019

Grocery shopping list for August 2019

This post is the eighth in a series.

6 August

Went to IGA and bought sliced ham, sliced roast beef, dauphin and Jarlsberg cheeses, and milk.

7 August

Went to IGA and bought Pepsi Max (no-sugar), Coke, sparkling mineral water, dry ginger ale, and a bottle each of grapefruit-flavoured and lime-flavoured (sugar-free) sparkling mineral water. On the way back home bought a 6-pack of Holsten alcohol-free beers at the bottle shop near Union Square. The beer cost about the same as the eight bottles of drink from the IGA. Buying the drinks was part of the preparation for a dinner party scheduled for later in the month, on a day nearer my birthday.

8 August

Went to IGA and bought a half-dozen bottles of still mineral water, also for the party.

15 August

Went to IGA and bought lamb chops, sliced roast beef, sliced ham, beetroot-and-hummus spread, bread, brie, and soap.

16 August

Went to Woolies and bought beef spare ribs, capsicums, ginger, blueberries, mandarins, and some flowers to put on the table for the party.

17 August

Went to IGA for the rest of the food for the dinner party. Bought beef shin, eggs, milk, potato salad, seafood salad, water crackers, Stilton cheese, olives, dark chocolate, strawberries, corn, baby corn, tomatoes, asparagus, cucumbers, watermelon, and some more flowers.

23 August

Went to IGA and bought Scotch fillet steak, lamb chops, potato salad, bean salad, sliced chicken, brie, water crackers, milk, and three bottles of fruit-flavoured sugar-free sparkling mineral water.

29 August

Went to IGA and bought ling fillets, tuna steaks, potato salad, dauphin cheese, milk, some sugar-free flavoured mineral water (orange and mango, lime, and lemon and lime), and a bottle of dry ginger ale. 

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