Saturday, 24 November 2018

Book review: Everyday Enchantments, Maria DeBlassie (2018)

I hardly read any of this silly book, which is a kind of packaged version of mindfulness that you would buy at the $2-shop but which has been made out of plastic in a Chinese factory. Every conceivable cliché is here, from crystals to cups of tea. The author shoves the whole kit and caboodle into her Christmas hamper of comforting tropes, a ragtag bag of conventional ideas designed to make you feel better about your idiotic, consumerist lifestyle.

This is a product of the social media age, when the way that connections on Facebook and Instagram optimistically edit their lives for public consumption leaves consumers feeling dissatisfied and empty. This book tries to fill that void. Don’t bother looking for meaning in art or literature! Just read this book and everything will be made clear! You'll feel better! Anyone who finishes reading this book should be mandatorily committed to a mental asylum.

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