Saturday, 15 September 2018

Activist Danny Lim in Martin Place

The other day I snapped this photo of a man who the Sydney Morning Herald in 2015 described as a “peace activist”. In their story Lim is also described as a former municipal councillor. They recounted that he had been fined for obscenity due to the contents of a sign he had with him on the street.

The text on the plastic sandwich board he was wearing when I saw him was similar to what it had been on that earlier occasion. This time it read, “Smile Tony U Cvnt B” and “Insignificvnt” and “Peace B With U”. There were other things printed in the same colourful, neat letters on the back of the vest which I didn’t capture. His dog was lying passively on the pavement at his feet as pedestrians walked docilely past him on busy Elizabeth Street.

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