Sunday, 26 November 2017

Muzak in Darling Harbour

I had noticed these speakers the other day when I was walking through Darling Harbour on my way to Oxford Street to get some lunch. They are positioned on top of marine bollards and they match the new speakers that are positioned on the light poles on Pyrmont Bridge as well. The city council has seen fit to intrude into the neutral space that everybody can enjoy by playing inane muzak in the open air. Currently, the tunes are Christmas tunes but no doubt they will change with the season. It's bureaucracy gone mad, and no doubt part of the surveillance state, with the speakers undoubtedly doubling as a PA system in case of emergencies. Once you get past the stupid music piping out of the speakers and intruding on your personal space, you reach the zone under the motorway where the white noise of cars and trucks and buses passing overhead drowns out the idiocy. On Pyrmont Bridge the senseless noise pursues you all the way to the end of the structure.

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