Wednesday, 1 February 2017

In the swimming pool

We got up a bit late this morning and started on breakfast. The girl cooked it: eggs, peas-in-the-pod, steamed sweet potato and cherry tomatoes. After eating we went down to the pool where she had a swim. I sat and watched. I haven't got around to thinking it's inevitable that I'll get back in the pool. I associate swimming with illness, because the last time - in 2008 - that I was swimming it was because I was struggling with a terrible mental illness. So I'm sticking with the dieting at present.

We came back upstairs and got ready for me to take her back to her place. I carried her Georgia O'Keeffe print down to the car with two bags of new clothes. She carried the jackets we had bought and the Renaissance art book. We got in the car and hit the traffic, stopping in Glebe to pick up some tuna sushi (cooked tuna) sprinkled with chilli. When we got to her place, I found a parking spot and took the stuff up to her room, then I gave her a peck on the cheek and headed back to the car. The traffic was quite bad on the Princes Highway on the way back. There seemed to be a build-up of trucks at one of the right-hand turns off the highway that was spilling out of the transit lane into the right-hand lane of the main thoroughfare. I made it back and opened the wine and poured a glass.

I sat down at the computer and attended to social media, making a few tweets. Then I got up and had some cheese. A little later I had a can of tuna and some sliced pawpaw. Then I went back to bed and had a nap for a couple of hours. I got up when she contacted me on Messenger with news from the interview panel for tomorrow. She will be going into town to have an interview for a producer's job.

After I got up I sat down at the computer again and focused my attention on making a positive contribution to the world by helping to affirm people's personalities. I have a simple credo when it comes to using social media: be positive. It helps me to spend time online productively even though for some it's not enough. I know there are many people on social media who need to air their personal grievances, especially when they're expressed in a political fashion. But for me it's about making people feel important, needed and wanted. I try to affirm, not attack.

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