Monday, 20 July 2015

A trip to Newtown for coffee

After yesterday's trip to the southern end of Newtown to visit the second-hand shops, today I decided to take advantage of clear skies to walk up to Newtown again to buy coffee. A good friend of mine had some time ago recommended Campos Coffee for my regular supplies and so usually I buy from them through their internet site, with the coffee delivered in the post, but today I went up on foot at about 10am through Wentworth Park and alongside Victoria Park to get some more.

On the way I saw this ceramic dog in a shop window in the north part of Newtown, near the university, and on the way home I snapped a photo of it. It's designed to look like a plastic inflatable dog but it's actually made of clay and fired in an oven and painted. I thought it was a cute addition to postmodernism, following in the steps of American Jeff Koons who made an imperishable dog designed to look like a balloon dog, but which was made out of steel, the first of which in 1994.

In the street this morning the weather was fine when I left home but after my haircut in Broadway it had clouded over again. There were mothers with children playing in the kids' play area in Victoria Park near City Road when I was walking back north but by the time I reached the Fish Markets it had started to spit rain gently. I had a good walk though and did some important errands by the time I came back home, at which time I unpacked my purchases - including fish and onions, and the bag of coffee, as well as sketch pads - and then had a nap for a few hours in my room.

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