Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Myall Creek Massacre commemoration this year was typically replete with bonhomie and goodwill. It was typical in another way, too. The winter sun didn't let us down, casting its golden refulgence (no hyperbole here!) over the gathered crowd of well-wishers come from far and wide to take part on an important date on the reconciliation calendar.

Having injured my left foot badly last Monday, I was surprised to be able to walk all the way up Whitlow Road to the commemoration site. The hobbling, let's just say, was not glaringly obvious. On the way back it was a bit more challenging, but I managed to acquit myself decently.

I made a few new contacts this time. This time, I'd planned to seek out participants for a story I want to write about the inception of the commemoration. The memorial rock was set up in 2000 but the push for some sort of organised ceremony predates that year by a fair distance.

So I've collected four key telephone numbers of people who both have agreed to be interviewed and who have been involved in the push from an early date.

The trick, now, is to sell the story. So far, I've approached two quality publications but the response have been silent to this point. With the information I gleaned today, however, I should be in a better position to pitch beautifully - and in a way that will compell my targets to want to run a feature story.

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