Sunday, 17 August 2008

Martha Gellhorn - bibliography

I'm not sure if this is all there is, but there is no single resource for her books. I finished the biography recently, and the main issue with Gellhorn is whether the book is fiction or non-fiction.

So the table here shows clearly which is which. I've added some notes to the end of each entry.

Title Date Type Genre

What Mad Pursuit 1934 F Novel (Female journalist; juvenilia)
The Trouble I've Seen 1936 F Novella (Depression America)
A Stricken Field 1940 F Novel (Pre-war Czechoslovakia)
The Heart of Another 1941 F Short story
Liana 1944 F Novel
Love Goes to Press: 1947 F Drama
A Comedy in Three Acts
The Wine of Astonishment 1948 F Novel
The Honeyed Peace 1953 F Short story
Two by Two 1958 F Short story
The Face of War 1959 N Reporting
His Own Man 1961 F Novel
Pretty Tales for Tired People 1965 F Short story
Vietnam: A New Kind of War 1966 N Reporting
The Lowest Trees Have Tops 1967 N Travel
Travels With Myself and Another 1978 N Memoir
The Weather in Africa 1984 F Novella
The View From the Ground 1988 N Non-fiction
The Short Novels of 1991 F Novel (anthology)
Martha Gellhorn
The Novellas of Martha Gellhorn 1993 F Novella (anthology)

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