Friday, 21 December 2007

Bee Perusco and Flower stood out tonight at the Tap Gallery Xmas party (6pm) reading (8pm) which ended on the pavement on the hoary slopes of Darlinghurst about half an hour ago.

And in addition SHE called close to 9pm to ask a question I'd already answered in an SMS some hours earlier.

Robert, whose satire is quite striking, is acquainted with physics and tells me that, as heat rises, the magnetic attraction between objects falls. If heat falls, magnetism rises likewise.

There was also something about the relationship between magnetism and electricity, but I'll need to resume the conversation on the next available occasion. They tell me there will be a reading in early February.

Why the break for the festive season? Who knows. It's a mystery.

Tap Gallery shows visual artists, too. I bought a tiny painting by Lilly Oen (half Chinese, half Dutch but born in Indonesia). It is a present and shows stylised flowers, ticked out in white. The size is about two inches square and it cost $125.

Tomorrow is the final work day of the year and I guess I'll have to contact mum to ask if she can book a room. I really think I'll go to Queensland via the New England Highway this time -- I've never seen Armidale.

They say it is quite nice.

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Unknown said...

Hello Happy Antipodean.
Today I take my paintings down, in the Tap Gallery.
It's been an interesting week.
On abut Tuesday, Lily Oen came to talk o me, as I was sitting at the computer, in the office and asked if I was Dutch. Which I am (or technically, was).
It was good fun talking to Lily in Dutch and in English and even singing singing Dutch songs together, I was born in Gouda. She came from Rotterdam which is only (now-adays even less) 20 km, from Gouda.
Regards, (Mr) Jo Mulholland (Ozcloggie)