Monday, 4 June 2007

Chinese writers and Chinese publishing were featured on the Special Broadcasting Corporation's (SBS) 6.30 News tonight. Unfortunately, as it was a feature segment, no transcript or vodcast is available on the Web site.

Because of the Sydney Writers' Festival, which is showcasing a number of Chinese authors, SBS was able to interview several men and one woman. Self-censorship is de rigeur, it seems. "You know which topics you can't touch," said one writer. Sex is taboo, for example. Chinese authorities are trying to clamp down on online pornography, we can read in other places.

Australian books are being published in China, including Peter Carey's. And there's a Chinese publisher's representative in Australia now, looking for new titles to sell in the repressive state.

Likewise, our publishers go to China to find authors whose work suits our market. Chinese literature is a growth segment, we learn.

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