Saturday, 19 August 2006

My new bookcase has just arrived. It's just under one centimeter too narrow to completely fill up the assigned place, but I'm not worried about such quibbling things. The two delivery blokes have just left to go on to their next delivery, and then return to Claphams Furniture and Antiques in Lane Cove, from whom I purchased this lovely item of tan-coloured pine furniture.

Already two and a half shelves of the seven are full, but I suspect that, what with my studies and continuing money issues (child maintenance etc.), it should take me at least two years or more to fill it completely. I hope so. I've only got a small apartment. When this unit fills up I'll need to get a new one made for the bedroom. Or maybe the kitchen. There's no room anywhere else!

I also picked up today a print that I had framed at Studio 275 in Earlwood: an etching by Pixie O'Harris that she gave me decades ago. So I'm happy.

Just time for lunch. I've done my laundry. After I finish with the broadsheets I'll get stuck into my uni assignment.

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Ron said...

Bookcases, bookcases ... how I need lots and lots of bookcases!

Now stop reading this comment and get back to your uni assignment, young Dean!