Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Rupert Murdoch is aware of the blogosphere. In comments delivered after a meeting with government ministers at Kirribilli House, the residence of the prime minister, and reported in his flagship broadsheet, The Australian, the media mogul gave voice to his interest in the Internet.

"I feel very confident that good, sound, honest journalism will prevail in the long term — even though it may not be delivered on destroyed trees," Mr Murdoch said.

"Broadband will bring about tremendous choice for people about where they get their information, what information they want, and where they can put their views out.

"There are millions and millions of new writers on the internet, mainly writing rubbish, but a lot are writing words of wisdom. As you find your way around it, it is a magnificent thing to see."

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kimbofo said...

Anyone would think Murdoch had an online product to flog. Oh, that's right, he bought MySpace, didn't he? ;)