Friday, 10 August 2007

Odd things at LibraryThing! In the main I don't really notice LT much any more. I joined in August 2006 and when I get a new book, it gets added to my database. But in the last day or two something has caught my attention.

This blog holds a feed from LT. So on each refresh a new list of books shows in the right-hand column. I've gotten used to the regulars showing up. Now a new crop of book covers are appearing, some very local (i.e. Australian titles and not best-sellers).

I wonder what they've done to cause it? It is perhaps due to other Australian members' scans registering with the 'engine' (whatever it is that causes books to appear). Further, these new covers are all relatively large in size.

They don't conform in dimensions with the regulars I've become acquainted with ever since pasting the code for the feed into the 'template | edit HTML' page in my dashboard view. It's worth a post on the LT bulletin board. I'll post the result of my query later.

Update: The LT blog has an answer. "In the course of fixing that problem I created another," writes Tim, the founder of the site. The "long-standing" problem of some covers not appearing was fixed. In the process of fixing it, some covers got larger.

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