Wednesday, 22 August 2007

We know Natascha Kampusch by now and we know it was feared damage was sustained over a 10-year period under Wolfgang Priklopil's dominion. But it's not true.

Kampusch went on Austrian TV to tell people a few truths we may not have expected. Including that "bit by bit, I feel more sorry for him" and "poor soul - lost and misguided". No lasting scars evident. While enjoying archery (!) and "listening to a saxophone player on a boat" (!!) she said she "wanted to be taken seriously", but on her own terms. She wants Priklopil to be remembered and the ordeal too.

But please don't take photos without asking permission. Reasonable request, I think.

For some reason the program was "shot mostly in a television studio and in Barcelona". A dash of exotic locale added for the 'star' effect, perhaps?

While Natascha shows us how to be sane -- not just in the face of her experience but also as public property -- Harper Lee shows us that you can be both popular and a goose.

Lee has been inducted into the Alabama Academy of Honour. But instead of giving us some indication of sustained thought since last time she 'came out' (who can possibly remember?), she comes up with a nugget of 'home truth' for the yokels she presumably holds close to her heart.

Apparently "it's better to be silent than to be a fool". If you believe that, you'll believe anything. And talk about brief! The entire story runs to just over 110 words.

Both stories from the Web site of The Sydney Morning Herald.

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R.H. said...

My early years were unfortunate, and later years too (aside from a fellow shot dead there at fourteen, I was the youngest prisoner in Pentridge). Adversity teaches you plenty, if you've got the brains: it's valuable, and you're chosen for it. Most people aren't, and need the movies to get traumatised.