Friday, 3 August 2007

I think I've solved two domestic problems. It's refreshing to rid yourself of lingering niggles and this afternoon, I've got rid of two. After a complex series of filter swaps, my home phone is at last clear enough to hear with. That's one.

Two is provided by this Moroccan-leather cushion, sourced from a little import shop, The Eye of Horus, in an obscure corner of Marrickville Metro shopping centre. I'd gone there to get (you guessed it) filters from DSE (they didn't work, meaning there's $50 down the gurgler). On the way back to my car I saw the cushion and just bought it right there.

It's needed due to the sore neck I got yesterday. I was home all day with a cold, lying on my couch. By 10pm I had a headache. I blame it on poor back support.

The cushion should fix the problem once I put decent stuffing in it. I also think it's rather handsome.

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Meredith said...

I know that shop - it's such a strange member of the Marrickville Metro community. The cushion looks good.