Saturday, 31 March 2007

'NYU students launch online magazine' states the headline in The Prague Post. Staff writer Julie O'Shea talks to the editors of a new Web site about Prague, the Golden City.

The online magazine Prague Wanderer was launched on 9 March this year. It contains articles, columns and a photo essay produced by New York University exchange students studying in Prague.

The photo essay page is particularly appealing. It shows examples of the city's graffiti.

April Antonellis, The Wanderer’s co-editor-in-chief, is majoring in journalism and art history. The publication’s other co-editor-in-chief, Megan Stride, is majoring in journalism and politics. Webmaster Simon Franzini is an econ–political science major.

NYU journalism coordinator Dinah Spritzer, who is named as the mag's Journalism Advisor, used to work as a news editor at The Prague Post. She "is hoping to get Czech university students involved with the online magazine in the future". She says the stories are "student work, but they are very good student work".

Students were pretty much permitted to write and post just about anything they wanted, so long as the contents of their observations and critiques were respectful to the Czech culture and people.

The article notes that "students should be getting ready to post a new issue soon", so it may be worthwhile checking back.

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