Thursday, 29 March 2007

Cormac McCarthy, "a highly respected author" (according to the AbeBooks email news flash) and "notoriously interview-shy" according to Edmund Champion, has agreed to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. Matthew reports that it will be his "first television interview ever" (the words are Winfrey's).

Winfrey's book club guarantees increased sales for its subjects due to the "powerful media spotlight" (AbeBooks again) it affords. Unlike books reviewed on this blog.

An amusing video can be viewed on YouTube that chronicles the efforts of a pack of dedicated afficionados who go in search of McCarthy equipped with a video camera.

It was posted in September last year. Several more episodes in the series are posted on the site.

AbeBooks provides several BookHints for The Road. I described BookHints earlier this month. AbeBooks has 102 copies of the book listed. They are priced from $8.88. Postage is of course extra.

The review of The Road by Mark Mordue that I read last year is no longer available on the Web site of The Sydney Morning Herald.

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