Thursday, 31 January 2019

Polish commuters reading

Earlier this month I was with a friend in the CBD and we caught a cab from Central Station to Bridge Street, near the Quay. As usual, I talked with the driver. He was evidently (as Sydney cab drivers usually are) born overseas and we chatted about this and that. He said that most people these days are short tempered because they feel entitled. I agreed with his observation and the three of us talked about the things that people should feel grateful for, especially in a pluralist democracy.

As we got to the end of Elizabeth Street, toward our destination, he revealed that he was Polish. I asked him what was different between the two countries and he said that in Poland people on the street are always reading. I have a friend who lives in Poland and I told her about this and she sent me a photograph as confirmation of the truth of what the taxi driver said. This photo shows Warsaw commuters.

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