Wednesday, 30 January 2019

KAK vs Yumi

Yumi: Let’s change the date.

KAK: I don’t think that’s really going to help change the lives of children in remote communities who are being sexually assaulted and kept away from school.

Yumi: That’s racist.

KAK: It’s not racist, it’s true. You’ve got thirteen-year-olds on the street in Darwin being spoken to by police at 9pm because they don’t want to stay at home with their parents.

Yumi: But that’s not what we were talking about.

KAK: It should be what we’re talking about.

Yumi: Don’t change the subject.

KAK: But what about the children? Who’s looking after them?

Yumi: We’re sick of being told what to do by white people. Change the date.

KAK: We’re sick of hearing stories about Aboriginal children missing out on education and a chance to live happy, productive lives.

Yumi: You have no right to tell us about our own culture.

KAK: So white people can’t talk about Aborigines?

Yumi: These are the sorts of things that racists always say.

KAK: I’m not a racist.

Left commentariat: KAK is just doing the usual thing: whataboutism. She’s a racist. Change the date.

Pauline Hanson: See? I told you …

The broader community: ...

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