Saturday, 22 July 2017

Meeting Tanner again

This is Tanner the poodle and I met up with him and his owner today in Hyde Park as I was walking to Darlinghurst. I stopped and had a chat with the owner, a clean-shaven middle-aged man who wears a cloth cap. He didn't recognise me but I've stopped to talk with him on two other occasions. Once was in Darling Harbour when I was walking back home with a friend from overseas after having eaten yum cha. The second time was on the corner of Pitt and Bathurst Streets in the city when I was walking back home after having eaten lunch out.

When I met Tanner and his owner in Darling Harbour my friend - who owns a chow chow back home - took a photo of the dog and chatted with the owner. The second time when I was alone I exchanged a few words with the owner as we stood on the street corner.

This time, when I saw Tanner walking along in his usual energetic way, I hailed the two of them from across the way, near the War Memorial. Tanner changed course to come directly toward me, lolloping along. Perhaps he knew who I was. He snuffled his snout in my hand as I stood there talking with the man. I tousled his thick fur. His owner told me he had to trim the fur, which he said was a leftover from the dog's puppy days. "I need to cut it," he said.

When I said I wanted to take a photo of his dog, he told Tanner to sit. I took the picture and then said goodbye, heading off across College Street up Oxford Street. There was a street market being held at Taylor Square but I didn't stop to browse. A few people were standing around but it wasn't busy. I went to Victoria Street and had a sandwich for lunch and a beer, then went home, stopping at the tailor's to pick up my Nike slicker, which they had repaired.

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