Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A walk to Paddington

Yesterday I went out early because I had an appointment at home in the afternoon. I had lunch at Mikey's on Oxford Street, Paddington, and I made my way out down through Haymarket and up Foveaux Street and Surry Hills.
The photo above was taken in Darling Harbour, showing that the ice skating rink has now been removed. On the water you can see the pontoons have been installed for the boat show to come.
Trades Hall in Dixon Street, Haymarket (above). The foundation stone was laid in 1888.
A discount store in the cloister on Eddy Avenue at Central Station (above). There used to be two-dollar shops like this on Pitt Street and Park Street in the CBD but high rents have resulted in their moving out. I wonder how long this place will last ...
In the photo above the car with solar panels on its roof was parked on Foveaux Street, Surry Hills. The car has the number plate "E MINI".
The photo above shows Victoria Barracks from Moore Park Road.
This clothing store in Paddington (above) was once the St John's Presbyterian Church. Construction started in 1855.

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