Thursday, 1 June 2017

Second day of new medication

This morning I got up late and made some coffee, drinking two cups at the desktop before going out for my usual walk. Up on Harris Street near the Bendigo Bank there was a single, crumpled, but clean, black sock on the pavement which however didn't take up my attention for long because there was also nearby a big, late-model, silver Rolls Royce with a silver-haired bloke with a cigarette in his mouth sitting at the wheel.

In Chinatown there was a black man with deformed legs balancing his entire body on a basketball while singing along to a rap song coming out of a speaker set on the pavement. He looked so incongruous among the legions of ethnic Chinese who frequent the area, I almost stopped to take a photo but didn't because I didn't have any change to give the poor guy. Back up on Harris Street near the Thai restaurant near TAFE there was an intact pair of metal-framed sunglasses lying on the square of dirt around the base of one of the trees.

I was wearing a light jacket - which I've had for about 25 years, and used to use when I lived in Japan - and the sun was shining, so eventually I started to get quite warm.

Last night was the second night of the new medication. When I put the wafer under my tongue it disappeared in a flash - pop! and it was gone - but I left it alone without using water as I had been advised to do by the psychiatrist. My pulse went up again and I got up to eat a can of sardines - not as much as the night before - because I again had cravings for food. But I lay there trying to get to sleep for several hours before finally dropping off. I dreamt I was being tortured, my testicles in pain, though this had nothing to do with real life. In real life I was just asleep in bed in my apartment in Sydney.

I kept waking up but not as much as usual so I got most of my sleeping last night done after 3am and before about 9am. Which is probably enough, although the actual hours spent in bed were more than that. Today I have decided to keep on taking the new medication despite the fact that it is clearly disturbing my sleep. I had to go to the toilet three times last night before I finally dropped off into slumber. And the pulse issue is a major one. My pulse goes so fast it is like I am high on something or like I am having a panic attack, and it makes it very difficult to go to sleep because you are energised by the medication and do not feel drowsy, even though you know that you should be sleeping.

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