Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Back to sunny skies

For the first time in many days I went outside today without an umbrella because of the blue skies. My route took me as usual down into Darling Harbour. There was a four-year-old boy chasing an ibis around one of the planter parapets shouting "Shoo, shoo, shoo!" and pointing at the unfortunate bird with an outstretched finger. Children in the Darling Harbour quarter frequently chase birds. Mainly pigeons but seagulls and ibis as well, so I wasn't surprised except that the little chap was so absorbed in his task and was so vocal.

In the Broadway Shopping Centre there was a group of people standing round some floodlights and one of them held a mounted camera attached to a flash. I had seen the same sort of two-handed gizmo earlier, when I started my walk, outside an office building on Harris Street. In that case the cameraman was standing opposite a dapper-looking, shortish man with a beard who was posing in front of the venerable brickwork of the building and adjusting his coat with one hand in order to make the best impression possible. In the shopping centre I didn't work out which of the group was going to be in front of the camera because I walked past quickly, heading for the moving walkway so I could get to the second floor where the food court is.

The wind outside was quite chilly even though the sun was out so I buttoned up my coat when I got out of the building before heading down Bay Street to Wentworth Park. I picked up a cup of coffee at a cafe in John Street Square when I got back to Pyrmont before returning home to my computer. Later, I went out again to get to my scheduled appointment with the dietitian. We talked and she gave me more pointers about what to eat and when. This was my final Medicare-sponsored dietitian appointment for this year. I will be able to use the service again next year. For the moment though I'll have to find a battery for the scales that are currently sitting unused in the bathroom.

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