Sunday, 25 April 2010

Nineteen photos taken at the Cotton Tree ANZAC Day Memorial service.

Early birds secured seats from which to watch the service.

Fly-over of WWI and WWII aeroplanes added drama to the service for people watching the skies from the park by the river.

School children and mothers with babies in prams joined uniformed servicemen and -women in observing the forms of service.

Decorated servicemen and -women from different wars watched from the sidelines as the commemorative wreaths were laid in front of the cenotaph.

Someone brought along a collection of vehicles used in earlier conflicts. Here, a uniformed Digger chats on his mobile as he leans on a jeep.

Participants help an old Digger with a walking frame move to the cenotaph to lay a wreath for the dead.

A wide sample of local Sunshine Coast residents attended the commemorative service this morning.

An ex-serviceman approaches the cenotaph to lay a wreath for the dead.

When watchers stand to pay respects you can see how warm the morning is!

Getting together to remember the fallen is a good opportunity to relax. After all, it's Sunday!

Pigeons from the Signals Corps are released toward the end of the ceremony. They take to the skies in formation and disappear behind the high-rise buildings flanking The Esplanade.

School students lay a wreath to remember the dead as a thirsty young boy looks on.

Currently-serving soldiers are happy to pose for the cameras after the ceremony.

Everyone wants to take a photo of the soldiers!

It's cool to have your photo taken with the soldiers!

Retired commandos and their supporters gather for photos after the ceremony.

An elderly man lays his own wreath for the dead at the cenotaph after the ceremony has finished.

That old Digger with his wheelie-walker sure gets around!

Holders for commemorative wreaths stand almost empty after it's all over and people are starting to head home.

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