Thursday, 8 April 2010

Extraordinary developments in Tasmania where the Greens have shown their power by backing the incumbent Labor government, ensuring that Labor was asked to form a government. Labor leader David Bartlett must now front the Parliament to demonstrate that he has the confidence of the majority of members in it.

News of the about-face by Greens leader Nick McKim emerged at midday yesterday.

Tonight's TV featured footage of Bartlett announcing the developments in front of a stone representation of the royal crest, complete with the Queen's motto.

Tasmania's Governor, Peter Underwood has been busy, clearly. He called the leaders of both the Liberal and Labor parties to Government House to discuss the emerging situation. McKim reportedly was not called in, but it was his change of plan that sparked the flurry of constitutional activity.

Yesterday, the ABC's Antony Green enlarged the debate by calling for a renegotiation of the constitutional machinery that could allow an appointed governor to select an unelected government.

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