Saturday, 20 March 2010

It seems that nobody bothers - not even journalists bother - to read the NT News website which, I reported yesterday, told us that 22 asylum seekers had been transferred to the mainland.

Today, The Age reports that another boat, with "more than 90 passengers", was intercapted north-west of Christmas Island on Friday.

The opposition immigration spokesperson, the doughty Scott Morrison, complained:

"If we have another boat arrive in the next 24 hours, which is quite possible, then it's full," he told AAP on Saturday.

"We'll very, very soon be at the stage where they'll be transferring people to the mainland."

Too late, Scott! But at least the story tells us that the Darwin facility is a "550-bed facility" so we know now that the 22 new residents there will be feeling a bit like the last slice of crust in the breadbag until - as seems increasingly likely - the next bunch of asylum seekers are shipped over to Darwin to await their fate.

Pic credit: Vegan Community blog.

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