Sunday, 27 May 2007

Meredith Curnow, the publisher of the Vintage and Knopf imprints of Random House, says that they will not reissue Frank Moorhouse's The Illegal Relatives.

Knopf claimed in a post on The Sydney Morning Herald's Undercover blog of 4 April that his "complete backlist" would be reissued. A few weeks later I emailed Knopf to find out if Moorhouse's early gambol in the fields of censorship would be published. No, she replied, adding that she was not sure who had the rights to it.

When pressed, she said she would raise it with Frank when next she saw him. Yesterday's SMH shows that Susan Wyndham has been in touch with Curnow. Now, however, it's not Moorhouse's "complete backlist", but rather "a reissue of Frank Moorhouse's 11 backlist titles" that Wyndham writes about.

The qualification is interesting as it indicates that Wyndham has spoken with Curnow about the book. Curnow's list, that she sent to me, has 12 books.

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