Wednesday, 9 May 2007

My purchases from the Co-op Bookshop's biannual sale now number 52. It started in April, and the trouble is — what makes me go back every few days — they keep adding new titles to fill spaces when books are sold. It's an addiction, I swear.

One of the beaut titles I picked up is the collected letters of Mary Wollstonecraft ($20!).

Fiction by Amos Oz, Naguib Mahfouz, Shirley Hazzard, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Jose Saramago, Ismail Kadare, Anita Desai, Margaret Atwood, Mary McCarthy, Julian Barnes, Nick Hornby and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Non-fiction predominates. There are some great titles, including a Michael McGirr travel memoir on the Hume Highway (the road connecting Sydney and Melbourne), The Koran, a collection of journalism by Mark Bowden (of Blackhawk Down fame), a biography of pioneering journalist Martha Gellhorn, a study of a nineteenth-century Sinologist, a collection of pieces by famous journalist H. L. Mencken, a history of World War One that focuses on the imperialist aspects of the conflict, a biography of Virginia Woolf, and a history of New Zealand.

But there's more. I recently received four mooched books including Barcelona by Robert Hughes, a Dubravka Ugresic and a Mikhail Bulgakov. The image at top is from a postcard that Susha included under the cover of one book with "Happy reading" on the back. I used to put cards inside books I sent, but as the number increased, I stopped. But I think it's a nice, friendly token between fellow moochers.

I've also been busy sending books that were mooched and, since I'm not mooching at the usual rate, my points have accumulated so that I can comfortably add more titles to my wishlist, sure that I can mooch them when they turn up.

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