Monday, 31 July 2006

Televised: books. Finally! We get half an hour of First Tuesday Book Club tomorrow night at 10:05 p.m.

The blurb in The Guide (SMH) says: "Like a good read? Fancy a chat about latest book releases, classics and gossip about the world of words?" And there was a program break advert tonight that showed Jennifer Byrne ("dynamic, award-winning") clutching a pile of spilling tomes and laughing her head off. She seems like a nice person and is obviously excited about this première of a new show. I just wonder about the wisdom of including on the panel "the effervescent host of Gardening Australia, Peter Cundall."

I remember e-mailing the ABC some time ago (late march, to be exact) to moan about the demise of the Sunday-afternoon program, Words. Here's what Camilla Bourke of ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs said:

I am sorry you are upset about the decision to discontinue producing this program. Please be assured I have noted and forwarded your comments to the Arts and Entertainment Division who have informed me there are plans to present a new arts program in the Tuesday evening Arts time slot at 10.00pm.

She was very nice about it (even though I wasn't strictly aware that there even was a 'Tuesday evening arts slot'), and provided me with the information I wanted. And now, tomorrow night, we're going to get it. I can't wait.


kimbofo said...

I'm jealous!

Jennifer Byrne will be a good host: she's intelligent and has a sense of humour too.

Ron said...

A 30" book show once a month and at 10.05pm? Better than nothing but still depressing.

I have a feeling, considering the increasing commercial tv station shadow that the ABC is becoming, that the show will be more froth and bubble than Between the Lines was.

I hope I'm wrong.