Saturday, 1 July 2006

Journalist Errol Simper has joined with Tracy Ong to pen a news story in today’s Australian about the Chris Masters biography debacle at the ABC.

Masters is a Four Corners journalist who was commissioned by the ABC to write the book, which developed out of a program he made in 2002. He says:

“All I know is the board took an interest in the book, a report was given to the board about the book (and) the board met (on Thursday) and a decision was made at the end of the board meeting,” he told The Weekend Australian last night at the ABC’s Ultimo headquarters in Sydney.

Simper wrote another article critical of the ABC board recently, which I posted on.

If the board really did ‘take an interest’ in the biography, then it’s pretty grim. But the interest generated by these headlines will ensure a solid readership for it when it eventually gets published. If Alan Jones is so hung up about his reputation, then I say: bring it on.

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