Thursday, 5 September 2019

Rainbow over Rockdale

This spectacular photo showing a double rainbow was snapped from a south-facing vantage point in the International Terminal at Sydney Airport on the Tuesday in the last week of August. The photo is by a man named Mat Rous, a colleague of a friend.

The river in the foreground is the Cooks River and in the distance lie the suburbs of Brighton-Le-Sands and Rockdale. The suburb of Wolli Creek is just at this point across the river, and it contains a golf course, which you can see in the middle ground. There is also a rowing club and a public park there but they are not visible in this shot. In recent years the place has been heavily developed and there is an Asian grocery store near the train station that is well-patronised. Rockdale is a little further down the Princes Highway. It has a station on the same train line as Wolli Creek, from where you can also, on a different line, catch a train to the airport.

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marcellous said...

Great picture, Mat/t.

Just to be pedantic, the "river in the foreground" is the Cooks River, albeit somewhat re-routed as a result of Sydney Airport.

Wolli Creek itself is much smaller and enters the Cooks River between the railway stations Tempe and Wolli Creek, before the Cooks River (or its visible rerouting in your picture) enters Botany Bay.