Monday, 1 July 2019

Grocery shopping list for June 2019

This post is the sixth in a series. There was no list for May as I was travelling overseas for most of that month. I left Sydney on 10 May, went to Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Israel, and Turkey, and came home on 3 June.

3 June

Went to the convenience store up the street and bought milk. I told the guy who runs the store, who usually says hello to me, about the Middle East trip and he told me that he was originally from Jordan. Then later on the same day I bought a burrito at the shop near the light rail station. The guy who is usually on the front counter and who always says hello to me told me, when I conveyed the news of my return to him, that he is originally from Turkey. So I had two good conversations with local storekeepers I have come to know superficially over months or years.

10 June

Went to IGA and bought lamb cutlets, pork medallions, pork and fennel sausages, sliced roast turkey, sliced pastrami, a tub of avocado spread, blue Brie and dauphin cheeses, milk, bread, tomatoes, celery, and shallots.

I hadn’t made it to the supermarket earlier in the week because for a start there was no pressing need: food in my freezer was usable and I made several dinners with ingredients bought in April. The bread in the fridge was still in fair-to-good condition so I was also able to make sandwiches for lunches. For the first week after getting back to Australia my sleep was disordered and so it was difficult to wake up before the afternoon, so on those days going to the supermarket was a bit of a challenge.

12 June

Went to IGA and bought dauphin and Jarlsberg cheeses, water crackers, Jatz biscuits, Spanish salami, sliced coppa, soap, and kitchen hand towels.

16 June

Went to Coles on the way home from the city and bought passionfruit, apples, and pears. As usual the self-service checkout machine malfunctioned but it was late and the shop was on my usual route along Union Street.

18 June

Went to IGA and bought tuna steaks, sea perch fillets, sliced roast pork, sliced roast turkey, dauphin and d’Affinois cheeses, beetroot dip, water crackers, milk, bread, and a packet of toothbrushes.

20 June

Went to Coles and bought toilet paper.

22 June

Went to IGA and bought sliced roast pork, sliced roast turkey, sliced smoked provolone, a container of chicken laksa soup, Jarlsberg, d’Affinois and dauphin cheeses, water crackers, and bread.

On the way to the supermarket I dropped by the convenience store because I wanted to find out if there is a restaurant in Sydney that serves mansaf with lamb. The regular guy who operates the store had already left but the guy at the counter told me that he himself was also Jordanian. I asked him my question and he consulted with a person he was talking with on the phone, who gave the guy behind the counter some information which he wrote down. Then he gave me a piece of paper with the name “Omar” written on it and a telephone number to ring. He said that Omar makes mansaf at home and delivers it in Sydney. What I wanted however was the name of a restaurant that serves mansaf.

23 June

Went to the convenience store across Harris Street that is operated by the Jordanian guy and bought some eggs.

28 June

Went to IGA and bought sliced roast pork, dauphin and d’Affinois cheeses, tomatoes, bread, milk, dishwashing liquid, mouthwash and, for lunch, a beef and rocket sandwich. On the way home I went to the tailor’s shop on Harris Street and picked up the pair of trousers I had left there to have a new zip put in, and the bedspread I had left there at the same time to be dry-cleaned.

29 June

Went to Coles and bought a chocolate cake and a punnet of strawberries.

30 June

Went to IGA and bought dauphin and d’Affinois campagnier (brie) cheeses, sliced roast pork, sliced ham, water crackers, a tub of mushroom soup and a tub of chicken laksa soup, Dijon and hot English mustards, soy sauce, sesame salad dressing, shallots, potatoes, and beetroot spread. Also bought a cheese, tomato and ham sandwich and an egg and mayonnaise sandwich for lunch. Later I went to the convenience store at 38 Harris Street that is owned by the Jordanian guy and bought some eggs.

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