Friday, 13 April 2018

Human head graffito, Market Street, Sydney

This graffito has been on this place sign at the entrance to the pedestrian bridge leading to Darling Harbour for some weeks. The tall, red street sign has big, white letters placed vertically down the length of it. It is in a very heavily-trafficked area, with people walking past this point to and from the city across Darling Harbour on the Pyrmont Bridge, which leads to Glebe and other inner-urban suburbs located immediately to the west of the city.

The graffito shows a head and it is done in a simple outline with a thick, black marker pen. The design reminds me of website design elements that have been used in recent years to indicate that there is an individual involved in something. A symbol like this might be used for a link to click to go to the user profile page of a website, as it does on the Twitter website. Facebook uses a similar design with two concatenated busts of individuals for the link that leads to the ‘Friend requests’ page of its website. I wonder who painted this design that displays such personality and flair?

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