Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Vaxxed rally, Martin Place

Up at Macquarie Street at lunchtime today there was a rally for the campaign against vaccination, with probably 100 people gathered around a speaker who used a PA system to amplify her words. There were also tables with printed material on them, with a petition for concerned citizens to sign on one table. I saw some signs placed around the thoroughfare, such as one which read "No jab, no play, no way", and another which said "Not all vaccines are safe". A man held a sign saying "Herd immunity? Individual rights override science and society! - UNESCO. Who has the rights?"

I heard some of what the woman with the mic was saying, near the end of her delivery. She said, "These politicians will have blood on their hands, without a doubt." She then started up a rallying chorus, getting the assembled crowd to repeat her words. The things she said included: "Where there's risk there must be choice," "Vaccines cause harm," "Please listen to our plight," "My child, my choice."

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