Sunday, 10 September 2017

George Gittoes exhibition, The Yellow House

Up at The Yellow House on MacLeay Street in Potts Point there is an exhibition of George Gittoes paintings until 29 September. I met with Waqar in the gallery and we talked for about ten minutes about Gittoes and his work. The last exhibition I went to by this artist was in 2007, and it was titled 'No Exit'. In that exhibition the works were pen-and-ink drawings. In the new exhibition the works are mainly oil paintings. This time, Waqar told me, the artist will be taking his new film to the US before it will be released for viewing in Australia. He also said there will be a screening on Netflix on 12 September of a documentary on Gittoes. Waqar comes from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region.

Above: 'Bringing Heaven Down to Earth', 2015 ($18,000)

Above: 'Study for Two Worlds in Harmony', 2015 ($1800)

Above: 'Sufi sings out the dark and in with the light', 2016 ($2500)

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