Monday, 13 March 2017

A day at the beach

Yesterday morning the girl was over at my place and we got in the car and headed out onto the Western Distributor, taking the Cross City Tunnel to Rushcutters Bay. We turned into Ocean Avenue at the top of the hill and went down to Double Bay and parked the car. Then we went looking for an open restaurant.

We found one which has a Brazilian slant and took a seat. We ordered some entrees and a seafood curry main, as well as a coffee for me. The food was good except for the chicken wings, which were not fresh. I ordered some more rice to go with the curry, which we hadn't finished, and the girl ordered a coffee as well. She paid and we left the restaurant then headed east toward Watsons Bay.

There were a lot of cars around, making it hard to find a parking spot, but we managed to get one at the lower Vaucluse shops. We left the car and walked down Palmerston Avenue to Gibson's Beach then along Marine Parade to the baths, but the girl didn't like the look of the water; it was low tide. We kept on going and got to Camp Cove where we headed up on the bush walk to get to Lady Bay Beach. Once there we headed down the stairs - the landing at the top is an iron mesh and is completely transparent, not much fun for me who is afraid of heights - and onto the beach.

We took up a spot near the entrance, just where a waterfall splashes onto the rocks and the sand. The waterfall is not very heavy but you can definitely feel the water splashing down as you lie there on the sand, depending on where you position your towel. We only had one towel, and the girl used her jacket and shorts instead. I put some sunscreen on her back, while she did her front.

The surf beckoned, and we got in. There are a lot of rocks near the shoreline and the water gets quite deep quite quickly, so you have to be careful on both accounts. We bobbed around in the water for about 20 minutes then got out and lay down on our "towels". After lying there for about half an hour we got up and left, heading up the stairs onto the path, and back to the car located about a kilometre away. Then we drove home.

Once back in Pyrmont we went to Coles to get some makings for dinner, which the girl kindly cooked. I was starving hungry, and wolfed down the lamb chops she had given me. This morning we got up and I took her straight home as she had an appointment with her GP. I also drove her on to Broadway and then went home.

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