Friday, 4 March 2016

Strange things that mum remembers

When I was up at the nursing home today I took mum outside to the park for a walk. When we were leaving the nursing home compound through the gate on the street, she was talking about forgetting to bring a pair of scissors outside so that she could take some flowers off the plants that grow alongside the building. It was something she had said on many occasions before so I just ignored it.

But then she said something that I didn't immediately understand the reason for. She said, "Is it the weekend?" I had to pause and reflect whether I had heard her correctly. "Pardon?" I said to her. "Is it the weekend?" she repeated. "No," I said, "it's Friday. Why?" Why on earth had she asked me this question?

"Well you said that more dogs come to the park on the weekend and I was wondering if it was the weekend today," she said blithely, ignoring my confusion. I had to remind myself that, yes, this was indeed something that I had said to mum on previous occasions when we had gone out to the park. Mum loves nothing more than to watch the dogs in the park, it is a special treat for her.

It is remarkable the things she remembers. Most things she just completely forgets.

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