Thursday, 14 January 2016

Trump's supporters are stupid and poor

An interesting story appeared on the US Guardian's website yesterday by a Muslim woman who attended a Trump rally in Nevada. Unlike most stories in the US media, she does not assume that the reader knows who is supporting Trump, and goes out of her way to explain. It turns out the Trump supporters might have been Bachmann Tea Partiers in an earlier life; they are basically the poor, stupid middle that Rupert Murdoch has so successfully captured around the world.

So now we know. It's comforting to be able to label these fools accurately. And the reason why she described Trump's supporters so accurately? They were the reason she went. Unlike most people covering Trump rallies and talks - people intent on capturing the soundbites produced by the politicians in their unending quest to convert people to their cause - this woman wanted to get to know the followers. So she spent most of her time talking with them. It's a refreshing take in a campaign already oversaturated with quotable pabulum. Most people should do as she has done, it would help us all. After all, a politician is only as good as his worst supporter. And without supporters, a politician is exactly nothing.

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