Sunday, 26 January 2014

Book Chat Oz episode 1

This morning at around 11am was recorded the first episode of Book Chat with me and friend Grant Hansen talking about books. Our run sheet for the chat:
  1. Sydney: The Making of A Public University, Julia Horne and Geoffrey Sherington (2012
  2. Middle East and Europe Books Reviewed from the Crusades to recent times
  3. The term 'Judeo-Christian'
Links above go to relevant blog posts of mine (1 and 3) or Grant's (2). To finish up our chat, Grant spoke a little about the historical fantasy novel he's writing titled Secret Histories, which is intended to be published in March this year. We haven't published a date for the next chat but it will probably be in about a month's time.

Originally, the video didn't kick in until about 2:30 because of technical issues but I edited away the dead part at the front and it's all good now.

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